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The Rockstar developers are utterly in love with the idea of the American city: the riot of decay and grandeur, the garish commercialism, the violence and beauty, the architectural delights hidden in every corner. As with previous games in the series, you play as a minor thug climbing the crime ladder by fulfilling missions.But you can totally ignore the missions and simply go exploring, eavesdropping or conducting physics experiments by jumping motorcycles off rooftops.Starting new isn't easy, because you're immediately trying to pay off your ne'er-do-well cousin's debts, which means doing the bidding of various low-fi gangsters.Soon you're hip-deep in intrigue – whacking drug dealers, stealing contraband and generally breaking the hell out of the law.

But judging by my progress, you could get through in about 50 hours, doable for an adult who goes to a job and occasionally showers. In a city this vibrant, it's hard to stop getting distracted.Since this version of Liberty City is modeled loosely on New York City, the game is satisfying merely as a driving sim – you can spend hours cruising around and admiring the garish fluorescence of Times Square, the corroded projects of the Bronx, the Russian mob scene flourishing beneath the rattling subway tracks of lower Brooklyn (neighborhoods that in the game are dubbed, respectively, Algonquin, Bohan and Broker).The attention to street-culture detail is obsessive, practically Sistine."So I headed up and, sure enough, it was a spectacular view: corroded water towers dotting the rooftops, bits of weather-beaten graffiti on the masonry, the distant hum and honk of pissed-off drivers below.Well, a little ole game by Rockstar was released last night and I’m positive some of you have skipped out on work or class to play this morning. ROMAN’S MISSIONS The Cousins Bellic A nice easy introduction to GTA’s driving.

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