Gridview rowupdating templatefield

I'm having a very difficult time accessing a Calendar from the Grid View1_Row Editing event.

I have no problem accessing it from the Grid View1_Row Updating event for validation purposes.

To enable default paging, set the Allow Paging property of the Grid View to true. Set Page Size property to display the number of records per page according to need of your application.

The default event of Data Grid control is Selected Index Changed.

In order to make this happen, then I have to be able to check the date in the Row Editing event which is raised prior to the calendar being displayed.

Regards, Dean Hornsby Datagrid(1.1) to Grid View(2.0) and using the Row Updating event how to extract the values from the controls.

Greetings; I have read several of the previous help questions on when the grid View Row Updating event doesn't fire.

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If your application is working with huge amount of data, then it is not good and efficient to display all records at a time. In custom paging, developers have to write code for selective retrieve of the records from entire records to display in each page.

I also don't understand when I select the grid View control and look at the events in the Properties window of Visual Studio 2010 why I see all the proper event procedures listed for each event I expect to use.

The Edit, Delete and Insert events work as I expect. The markup and code behind are as follows: Hi cpkilekofp; I removed the Insert command button and put in an event for Command to see if the Update button press in the grid View control would trigger the Command event - it did not.

For example, for COMPUTING category there will be NOTEBOOKS DESKTOPS etc. Trying to use the FAQ " Sorting and paging in the Grid View control when not using data source controls "Sorting and paging in the Grid View control when not using..." and I am not getting the results I had hoped for. protected void Adhoc Job Grid View_Page Index Changed(object sender, Grid View Page Event Args e){ try catch (Exception ex) Here is my aspx... =) What do you want's to do by getting the id of the Text box? WHY CAN THE TOP GRIDVIEW DETECT CONTROLS BUT THE SECOND GRIDVIEW NOT DETECT CONTROLS?!

There will be a image for CATEGORIES and linkbuttons with Subcategories. I keep getting a "Compiler Error Message: CS0123: No overload for ' Adhoc Job Grid View_Page Index Changed' matches delegate ' System. Getting the control id of a control inside gridview control uhmm.. Do you want's to find particular Textbox with certain id ? Hi guys, two gridviews, same page, but one cant define paramters, the other one can.

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