Gridview rowupdating error

Hello everyone, i have done everything fine but still cant update my gridview data when i click on edit button Why ?

Hour = 0 End If End If sql = "end_time='" & Col1_End Time. Minute & ":00' " sql = "where roster_key='" & Col1_Roster Key. You had it almost right originally, but you were trying to retrieve something out of the first cell whcih is where the Update link is located. No, that's ok, but if you have the Auto Generate Columns property set to the default of true, then you need to extract the data directly from the Text Boxes embedded within the cells. Find Control("Col1_Start Time"), Time Selector) Dim Col1_End Time = CType(Gridview1. Find Control("Col1_End Time"), Time Selector) 'Tuesday Dim Col2_SL = CType(Gridview1.

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