Gridview is not updating

The Grid View Data Column containing the same property does change though.The collection used in the Item Source (Contract Notes) is an Observable Collection of objects of type Contrac Note.But after I update, the changes are not reflected in the Rad Grid View.But if i click on that particular cell which is modified, the value gets updated. Below is my code Note: I have set the Data Context of my View to the View Model in View.How do i achieve this in MVVM pattern as i cant access my Rad Grid View directly.

You should inform the Grid View that the collection has changed. The property (Is Visible) is being set in the Model.The filter is working ok when the Grid View is loaded, item's are showing or not based on the property 'Is Eco Generated'.The problem is that the Grid View is not updated and removing item's if I set the property 'Is Eco Generated' to true on one (or several) of the items.Hi, I am having a Rad Grid View with one particular Grid View Data Column having a Button and textblock as a cell template.On Click of any of this button, I want to edit the details of that particular row.

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