Gpupdate vpn not updating patrick wilson and emmy rossum dating

I've got quite a few users (all Windows 10 Pro) that work 100% remotely out of their homes.

I need to push out some GP updates, but for some of the users, when I connect with the VPN and do a gpupdate /force, I'm getting the following error message. The following errors were encountered: The processing of a Group Policy failed because of lack of network connectivity to a domain controller. A success message would be generated once the machine gets connected to the domain controller and Group Policy has successfully processed.

If the VPN connection is slow at all it may use the local DNS servers (ISP) to resolve instead of VPN, and fail. That will not work anyway as there is no reverse DNS entry for your VPN clients.

I've made the requested changes, except for having the VPN work on login, and I'm still facing this problem. I can ping the DC by IP address, but I cannot ping by the server name.

When I ping the server by name, it pings servername.domainname.local, but the IP address is the public IP for the VPN rather than the local IP of the server.

The only way I've been able to ping by server name is to adjust the hosts file.

Even after I do that, I am still unable to do a gpupdate /force.

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