Good dating resturants

Velvety ceiling-high curtains close off the place at night, so you and your date can dine on pretty plates with a bit more privacy.

It doesn't get prettier than at Cafe Cancan, a floral delight of a restaurant that does amazing French food.

Drake menus are always good, and this is no exception.

It's a great way to end a day exploring next-door MOCA, if you're both the artsy type.

It won’t be hard to impress your date with a meal at Garrison Creek, which offers dependably, high-quality Italian food.

The Drake Commissary is an exciting hub with all sorts of great things going for it, from its massive patio to its decor.

Start with a glass of bubbly with oysters before leading your date to the secret dining room for some unexpected surprises.

Squeeze into some cozy booths at Chiang Mai and nom on some beautifully-presented Thai favourites.

Eat Southern Thai food at the colourful Koh Lipe, where you and your date will definitely bond over lychee martinis and your love (or hate) of stink beans, the pungent legume that takes over the signature curry.

With a pure vegan menu of comfort food, Disgraceland is the perfect place to court your significant plant-based-eating other.

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