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I still considered myself on the wagon." She finally quit drinking for good in 1991, and attended Alcoholics Anonymous in 1992. Started dating prior to New York Broke up prior to The Purple Piano Project Kissed in Michael and Saturday Night Glee-ver Confirmed to be dating again in Prom-asaurus Ended prior to The New Rachel Started dating again in Bash Broke up in The Untitled Rachel Berry Project The Mercedes-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Samcedes, is the relationship between Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans., Emmy-winning actress Jane Lynch wrote honestly about her struggle with alcoholism.During her quest to quit drinking, Lynch writes that she eventually became hooked on Ny Quill.When they decide that there is no way they know, the camera pans down to see them holding hands, implying that they are secretly dating.They break up when Sam transfers, as said by Mercedes in The Purple Piano Project.After Sam comes back to Mc Kinley High School in Hold on to Sixteen, he swears to do everything he can in order to win her back.Although Mercedes breaks up with Shane in Heart, she refuses to resume her relationship with Sam for a moment, and saying that although she loves him, she needs to find out who she is when it comes to love.

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Terrible criminal charges and accusations, addiction, backstabbing, and death have forever tarnished the show's squeaky clean image.In the following episodes, Sam continues to pursue Mercedes, even sharing a kiss with her in Michael, but Mercedes knows what she is doing is wrong and tells Shane about them, breaking up with him in Heart.However, she tells Sam that she wants to be single for a while, declining a relationship with him.When Sam returns in Hold on to Sixteen, Mercedes tells him that their relationship was just a "summer fling," but Sam calls out to her in the hallway after she walks away that he is going to fight for her, no matter what, which makes her smile.In Yes/No, Mercedes admitted that their "summer fling" was more than that and she still has feelings for him.

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