Ginisang upo with dating

It is an Indian vegetarian dish and is taught to us by Karishma P. They are 2 pounds of fresh okra (not frozen), 2 medium onions, half a lemon, cumin, turmeric, chili powder, and Garam Masala.

Karishma goes through the steps very clearly on how to make this dish. Tindora is a green vegetable which is popular in many parts of India and is known by many names (ivy gourd, kovakai, tondli, giloda…just to name a few).

This is a great video which so clearly explains how to make a great tarka daal! Caramelized vegetables make a great addition to any dish.

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This will help the green and yellow colors from appearing in your green beans!

Pickling jalapeño peppers, Anaheims, bell peppers really, any pepper is good for pickling.

This how to video shows you an easy pickling recipe that requires very little time and won't keep you in the kitchen canning all day. They are sweet like onions when they are cooked, but unlike onions make your eyes water when you cut them, they have long straight white stalks with tough green leaves.

Called Indian bhindi masala, this dish combines healthy and crunchy okra with signature Indian spices like cumin seed, tumeric, and red chili powder for a bonanza of a taste explosion.

Forget the Indian take out tonight, watch this how to video and learn how to make a delicious Indian dish.

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