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You need to excite them slowly and you need to make them feel like they’re a part of the sexual buildup.

And the best way to start a sexy text conversation is by starting slow and easy, and playing with the sentences to turn the person on one step at a time.[Read: 23 naughty lines to talk dirty and say the sexiest things!

I was in a long-distance relationship for a year in 2012, so my virtual sexing knowledge is a little stale.

(A much better refrain would be: It you don't want to be a criminal d**kbag, don't put sexually explicit media on the internet without the subject's permission.) But for people whose sexual partners are too far away -- whether it's an international or cross-borough romance -- getting freaky on webcam or through Snapchat video can feel like an erotic lifeboat.

Unfortunately, the link we put here originally began linking to an adult site, which is why we had to take it off.

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A while ago the story of a certain married woman rumoured to be a Nigerian married woman and her nude pictures allegedly circulated by a jealous lover went viral on the social media and of course, millions had a swell time reading and spreading the gist and pictures.

We assume most are just trying to get it in tonight, well when slutty girls in Accra want to have sex with strange men they often go party around the Oxford Street nightlife district.And in a realistic world, how many times can you ask your lover to leave everything and *come and get you*!If you want to enjoy a sexy text conversation, you need to involve your partner.The initial story had it that a jealous lover had decided to post her nude pictures in anger of losing her to a colleague.Well, it was recently confirmed that the woman in question is not a Nigerian as initially assumed.

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