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The state has the resources to finally make it happen.

Ellenville is the only village adjacent to Minnewaska State Park, and developing a park entrance in the village makes good sense for both the park and the village.

The OW right-of-way south of the village is another accessible valley-level trail.

A valley-level trail from Kerhonkson to Spring Glen, completely open to the general public, would be a great asset for Wawarsing.

A Rondout Creek Park would similarly serve as a gateway to the Shawangunk Mountains by the re-routed Long Path which would take hikers to Jacob's Ladder, Napanoch Point and beyond.

I like the idea of Wawarsing being an entrance to Minnewaska. Looking at Google Earth it sort of looks like you can't get there from Smiley Rd. The DHRondout idea is great and closer to happening.Would you like to see Berme Road Park developed into something like the Verkeerder Kill Park in the Town of Shawangunk?It serves as a kind of gateway to the hiking trails, without being an automobile road into the park. I thought Berme Road Park would have been developed into something like it years ago.Getting into the park from Ellenville would require physical effort for the park visitor, as the only way into the park requires significant climbing. To increase park access for those not looking for a serious physical challenge, the idea of a Rondout Creek park and picnic area makes sense.Other valley-level development ideas include opening the North Gully falls to visitors by improving the trail on the north side of the gully and adding guard rails and steps.

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