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Sadita’s cat claws come out as she tells Jagger that Arana is probably conceited just like Game.Both Game and Arana complimented each other on their looks with the Game fawning over her big booty.At times, although rare, the roles were reversed, and the men asked the questions with the women answering the questions.Notable female celebrities who were on the female panel answering questions included Farrah Fawcett and Teri Garr. The innovative show highlighted a female contestant that was to decide who she wanted to go on a dream date with, based solely on a man’s answer to her questions The questions were usually suggestive and somewhat quirky, making the show all the more interesting.I wonder how many women ended up kicking themselves for passing over these promising bachelors.Not everybody was sold on The Dating Game when it first came out for one reason or another; after all, it was admittedly a little edgy.

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Sadita told Jagger that he didn't own a vehicle and can't even drive."He's a scrub, he doesn't have a car, and I feel like I always have to drive him around" she said.Game claps back, "I've got a suspended license ...He told Harvey Levin that he was paid 00 and that the entire show was fake -- even the outcome was pre-planned.“The whole thing was scripted,” he told Levin. It’s all scripted, even who you pick [as your final date]."Either way, it wasn't Game's best moment on television.Back in the days, rappers like 50 Cent and 40 Glocc - who had their issues with Game - would post clips from the show in an effort to discredit him as a tough gangbanger from Compton.

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