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Information: The BON provides a variety of information to customers including verbal, written and electronic information.

The BON's website contains information including the Nursing Practice Act, BON Rules and Guidelines, BON Position Statements, the agency's physical location, disciplinary, and licensure information.

The Board: protects the public from unsafe nursing practice, provides approval for more than 200 nursing education programs, issues licenses to more than 27,000 nurses per year by examination to new graduates and by endorsement to licensees from other states seeking a Texas license, as well as providing nursing practice and education guidance to more than 350,000 currently licensed nurses practicing in the State of Texas.

We welcome your feedback as we fulfill our mission to protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring that each person holding a license as a nurse in the State of Texas is competent to practice safely.

After you reach the 20-day mark in the game’s main campaign, you’ll unlock two very different scenarios with added wrinkles that make this grim world that much harder to survive.

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An early cookhouse and one of the food upgrade laws will help stretch your starting supplies until then.These arks contain the world's supply of seeds and seedlings which must be protected from freezing in the falling temperatures at all costs. The Arks’ main objective isn’t just to run a city, but to keep the titular buildings at a level of "chilly" or above.Doing so will require either the heaters or steam hubs upgrades early on to protect the arks from sudden temperature drops.If Frost happens to get lost before speaking with Maven Black-Briar, he might be outside of Merryfair Farm.Stealing him from this location will not affect the guards around it.

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