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Then in 2013 a friend told me I would look good with a beard, so I shaved only every two weeks (shaving can waste a lot of time - a friend told me he used to shave twice per day when he was young - but after three weeks I don’t like the feeling of my beard).

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When I have a hit while traveling in the pr, it can take months until I meet the boy.

Pick up and bring back boys by own car The friend from above has his own car and picks up and brings back boys (otherwise it would be difficult to meet the boy within one hour after first contact).

That avoids all discussion about taxi fare (all these boys go with him for free).

The problem is non-commitment, waiting for something better to come along.

Boys in the provinces (even in provincial capitals there is little interesting to do in terms of gay night life) don’t have these options and seem to be more eager to meet.

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