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As you should already know, a large number of apps and websites can’t be accessed freely in China, and you are going to need a VPN or an alternative system to get around the Great Firewall of China.

Despite the fact that some inaccurate news is still circulating online, Skype is NOT blocked in China.

Users can then select the mobile contact saved on the phone to make a call or tap in a new number using the dial pad.

We Chat claims that users will experience excellent call quality with the new We Chat Out feature.

Complying with Chinese regulations means that communications are redirected (and monitored) via a Skype partner in China.

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The We Chat app is available for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

In this sense, it has improved greatly over the past years, as a couple years ago, it was almost worse than Skype.

If you want to communicate between two devices that are outside of China, the quality is a bit poor if you compare it to other systems.

The slow-motion clip shows protesters retreating from riot police as they shoot tear gas in the Kowloon neighbourhood.

Protesters fled south on Nathan Road during a day of city-wide strikes, wildcat anti-government protests and unrest.

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