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I figured that I better stop watching her eat and concentrate on my food and beer.

I was able to finish supper without anymore distractions.

We head into Joesph and Silenia's house and sit down on the couch.

We all stand at the island in the kitchen and start to watch Silenia get the pudding ready.Joesph pulls out the ice cream and the bowls for the girls and starts dishing it out. We all look over and see the chocolate has splattered all over her white top. "Quick, take off your shirt." Patricia tells Silenia.As Patricia and I watch Joesph gets the ice cream ready when we hear Silenia start yelling. " We can rinse it right away before it sets." Silenia begin to quickly unbutton her shirt forgetting that I'm standing right there.I lay down a for the drinks and we head over to see the two of them. I notice that Silenia is wearing a short jean jacket and mid thigh high cord skirt and some flesh color stockings.The skirt and stocking compliment here legs really well.

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