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Failure to do so is a crime under section 18-3-412.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C. Misdemeanor sex offenders who fail to do so commit a Colorado misdemeanor.

Felony sex offenders who fail to register as required or to keep law enforcement notified of their whereabouts commit a felony in Colorado.

Such increases are included in the ranges set forth below. Failure to register is a Colorado class 1 misdemeanor if you were convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense or its equivalent in another jurisdiction or juvenile court.

As an adult, punishment for misdemeanor failure to register can include: Failure to register as a Colorado sex offender is a felony if the underlying conviction was for a felony.

Our Colorado and Denver sex crimes lawyers know how hard it can be to comply with Colorado's strict obligations for sex offenders.

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Consequences include: Juveniles under the age of 18 are punished differently under Colorado sex offender registration laws, unless they were tried and convicted as an adult.

On appeal, defendants are limited to presenting issues that were raised at trial.

That means the appellant can argue on appeal only about issues that were presented at the trial.

For information on how a successful appeal can lead to the dismissal of a case, see Getting a Case Dismissed After Conviction.

Sex crimes can include a broad range of criminal convictions, from very serious offenses, such as rape, sexual battery, child molestation, child pornography, and child enticement, to less serious offenses involving teen sexting, prostitution, and statutory rape.

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