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However when you add in that once these sluts have a few drinks they can get even wilder it is easy to see why so many guys like to go out in the nightlife.

When hot girls in Mumbai want sex with strange guys you can often find them partying in Bandra West and a good nightclub here is Drop.

As we have mentioned over and over in this post this country is full of traditional and prude girls, many don’t even have sex with their boyfriends of many months.

Out in the nightlife you might find one who gets drunk and slips up or starts to feel slutty, but that is no guarantee.

Well, the hottest of the hot get hit on constantly but you know what we mean, either way just don’t be too creepy about it or it could end badly.

Particularly in this country you need to try day game in a polite way.

First off, most traditional girls aren’t out after midnight so you are already dealing with a higher percentage of sluts.

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