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As a scholar of artificial intelligence, neuroscience and the law, I’m interested in the legal and policy questions that sex robots pose. How will intimacy with a sex robot affect the human brain? The primary conundrum is how to distinguish between a sex robot and a “sexy robot.” Just because a robot is attractive to a human and can provide sexual gratification, does it deserve the label “sex robot”?It’s tempting to define them as legislatures do sex toys, by focusing on their primary use.Reuters/Vincent Kessler THORNY LEGAL ISSUESIn a landmark 2003 case, Lawrence v.

Rather, such robots will aim to assist with all sorts of tasks, from preparing a child’s lunch to keeping an elderly relative company.Would robots be a substitute for humans in relationships or would they enhance relationships as sex toys might?Would sex robots fill a void for those who are lonely and without companions?There is currently a split among circuit courts in how Lawrence should be applied to state restrictions on the sale of sex toys. But even the possibility of child sex robots prompted a bipartisan House bill, the Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act, or CREEPER.So far, Alabama’s ban has been upheld, but I suspect that all sex toy bans will eventually be struck down. Introduced in 2017, it passed unanimously six months later.

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