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Originally published on 3-28-2018 and recently updated on 7-20-2019: This article covering all the free hookup sites that are actually free has officially been updated to bring the content up to date with the most recent sites available.Read this to learn all about the sites and which I suggest joining!

The important thing is that it’s totally free if you’re looking to try it out.Keep in mind that this list doesn’t just encompass apps which are ranked in the top 10 list that I’ve put together. If you’re looking to have sex tonight, then keep reading and take action, simple as that!Fling – The first free hookup app that I’m going to suggest using is one called Fling.The one thing that you can anticipate happening is that you’ll end up getting messaged by locals and sent nude photos.Now, I’m not suggesting that you send nudes back, just that you connect and try to meet in person.

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