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Computerhope, aka Nathan, is a human and owner of the channel.

Although he may be logged in, he's unable to attend to chat at all times.

Although Computer Hope operators and volunteers may be logged in, at this time we cannot always guarantee responses at all times of the day.

If agents are available to help, you will see an image displaying text indicating agents are available.

If you've been banned from the Computer Hope chat room for disobeying rules or misbehaving, that ban will not be removed.

Computer test questions or homework help are both good examples of questions most volunteers do not enjoy answering.

If you have any other questions or complaints regarding the IRC server or the Computer Hope chat, e-mail the webmasters.

This way, you will never miss a chat when you're on the road.

The application for IOS/Android devices includes all essential features for effective communication with your website visitors.

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