Fred durst dating

They love to impress other people and they are dominant.

They play an important role not only in the workplace but also in society and in their family.

They have a high level of mental energy and they are be able to handle all the difficulties and challenges.

[artist id="1239"]Fred Durst[/artist] is a lot of things, but he's apparently not one to hold a grudge.

"I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her," he laughed.

A Ukrainian makeup artist, Kseniya Beryazina is currently married to Fred Dust since 2012.

And did we mention he goes full Jason Voorhees at one point?

Kseniya's husband started to rap, skate, beatbox and DJ.John Travolta has transformed into some interesting and unique characters throughout his long career, but his work in "The Fanatic" may prove to be his most haunting yet (possibly hilarious, too ... In the first trailer for the horror film about an obsessive movie fan who goes from stalker to kidnapper and possibly worse, Travolta is absolutely mesmerizing as the titular "Fanatic," twitching and rocking with all kinds of neurotic tics as he devotes every bit of himself to his favorite action-movie star Hunter Dunbar, portrayed by Devon Sewa. It also explains why he was bald when he appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in May, as there is no way to salvage this look into something palatable.But even more disturbing than what Travolta's Moose gets up to in the trailer is his hairstyle! The whole project is the brainchild of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, and yes you read that right."It just became a fiasco of madness," he told MTV News this week."[But] I always stay true to my heart and true to everything I did and my intentions, and I am in no way a liar." The confusion over the affair still remains with Durst, and the rocker points to the episode as one of the first in a long line of erratic episodes for Spears. "Her own decisions and different things in her life, people can judge her all they want, but she has an extreme presence and when she's giving it, it's really good," he continued.

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