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She's gonna give the go ahead, the inning isn't over yet for me." Trace Adkins's 2006 song "Swing" is based on the same concept.

David Letterman chronicled many of these in his "Top Ten Baseball Euphemisms for Sex" — a recurring theme on the Top Ten Lists featured on the late-night talk shows he hosted before his retirement.

Supporters of baseball metaphors in sex education include Leman and Bell.

In their book A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey With Your Kids About Sex, they use a baseball metaphor to aid parents in the discussion of puberty with their children, dividing the topics into "first base" ("Changes from the neck up"), "second base" ("Changes from the neck to the waist"), "third base" ("Changes from the waist down"), and "home plate" ("The Big 'It'").

If you have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before, then, of course, the “bases” is just a myth that’s been floating around school. I’m not sure why we use baseball metaphors for sex but we do.

The four relationship bases When you’re talking to your partner it’s a lot easier to describe your level of sexual experience by using bases.

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Among the most commonly used metaphors are the bases describing levels of physical intimacy (generally from a heterosexual perspective).

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