Flirt dating single love 2016

In Singapore, Paktor saw a 7 per cent increase in number of matches between 20, with the figure rising another 36 per cent from 2018 to this year.Currently, Mr Ng said the app has an average of about 60,000 matches a month.

In the really old days, marriages were pretty much arranged." He added: But not all countries are embracing dating apps at the same rate, or in the same way.SINGAPORE: Although she was left heartbroken after her seven-year relationship ended in 2014, Ms Jessebelle Peh had not given up on love.Then 24, she knew she “did not want to waste time” and wanted to settle down if the right person comes along.Exactly a year later, Mr Ye got down on one knee, and the pair will get hitched this October.He said:“It allows two people with very similar intentions to meet, so that helps to accelerate the process,” he added.

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