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Some move fast while others take years developing relationships with the people they swindle.

But across the board, catfish share one thing in common: they always have an excuse why they can’t meet you in person.

Instead of rewriting that history here, I suggest heading over to Don Bastians blog about Queen of the Waters to read about it. After seeing these flies, I just had to post about them here.

I have also added his Queen of the Waters Rangelely style Streamer below. According to Mike Vallas book, Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies, palmer dry flies like Queen of the Waters evolved and were quite popular in the Catskills.

The bill was co-introduced by legislators from either sides of the aisle and is intended to give police and investigators the power of charging a perpetrator with a class B misdemeanor, in addition to other crimes connected with using the Internet.

So, why is the Wisconsin legislature taking up the law?

A picture of brothers new to Eau Claire is making its way around the World Wide Web – for a fishy reason.

They’re also highly skilled at manipulating others into trusting them.The Wisconsin DNR estimates that hunters and anglers generate more than billion (with a b) in annual license fees, adding more than 56,000 jobs to state and local economies.It must have come as a surprise to many when a November 2017 issue of Cap Times (an online news site highlighting news out of Madison) reported that hearings were underway to outlaw catfishing.While browsing the Web I ran across a couple of wonderfully tied flies that were in the style of Queen of the Waters.This type of fly is a very old fly dating back to the 1800s.

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