Fb liquidating estate

Still, there is an alternative to using outside services.If time and effort are not concerns, you may wish to hold your own sale. In fact, you control everything: Now, if you have a full time job and/or family responsibilities, this can be an exhausting, disruptive undertaking lasting weeks or even months.Factors to consider include location; the number of items remaining after family members have made their selections; high-value items and collections; and the needs or desires of the family.Here are a few options to carefully consider when liquidating an estate. Muscle power and organizational skills go into every sale.There comes a point in many people’s lives, when they are forced to “clean house” or liquidate.

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Things that we may need one day, stuff we are going to repair when we get around to it, items we never use, but are too good to throw away. The quickest and simplest way to liquidate an estate is to contact a used furniture dealer, antique dealer or other independent dealer and simply sell everything to them.

The auctioneer will hold a viewing, then items will be brought forth for visibility and bidding.

The liquidator deals with individuals – the auctioneer tries to involve the entire crowd in bidding.

The auction house picks up your merchandise, takes it to an auction house, sells it and you receive a check. Other auction houses will provide transportation and packing services but expect to pay higher commissions for these extras. You may have to wait for months till the auction house gets enough “lots” to make a sale worthwhile.

If you want fast response and the right money, then choose an estate liquidation company for an on-site “Tag Sale”. The time involved is about two weeks from initial contact.

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