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I simply don't have the discipline to make it happen. You’re pool will be a little smaller, but it’s definitely not nearly as nonexistent as people will try and convince you. You would like a decent personality with a bachelors degree whom you find easily relatable. I think good looking curvy girls are found more attractive and more desired. That's where my struggle seems to be, and it makes me wonder if I'm even worthy of a long term thing. I think the race thing is the one I'm most flexible on.

Every day is a struggle to lose weight, a struggle I usually lose. As a former fat person 6'4" (325lbs) to skinny (200lbs) back to fat (240 lbs) let me be blunt and honest about this. It will lower your value and hurt your ability to get a quality mate. It would make dealing with my parents so much easier because they're quite traditional, but that's not really a great reason to be with someone ;)I 100% agree with your mindset about the dating pool - there is already a much smaller pool of people who are into heavier women, but to further reduce it by so many variables made me feel like I was being foolish.

And I’m rofling from you saying poundtown hahaha You absolutely are allowed to have standards, and you shouldn't sacrifice them.

I might keep an open mind about people who don't necessarily meet the more superficial ones--the one that stuck out was also being Asian, I can totally see how you might be more likely to relate to someone of the same ethnicity but you might miss out on some other great people that you really do relate to very well!

I get attention from a lot of men without these qualities.

Mostly men who are not educated, don't have jobs, no ambitions, or men from my parents' country that I can't get along with at all.

I know that if I were skinnier then I could have my pick of men, but I'm just not. And that makes me feel lesser and that maybe I should throw out the list and just settle for whatever comes my way.

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My weight has been something I've struggled with intensely since childhood.

But realistically, I don't see myself becoming normal sized in my life, even if I lose a significant amount (which I would be thrilled with).

Thank you all so much for reading and I sincerely appreciate any and all feedback.

and it doesn't bother me at all because, hey, who am I to judge? I know part of this is the dating culture in our generation overall, but I'm sure a large part of it is the chubby chaser thing.

My struggle with my weight I feel has developed into some mental illness of some kind, where I absolutely want to slim down but some combination of self-loathing and addiction to food makes it difficult. The same rules apply to you as everyone else, just don’t be an asshat about those standards. The thing is that I know I could get nailed if I wanted, but I want a relationship and not to be some dude's story about how he "banged a fat chick".

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