Extramarital affair dating Aunties sex chat adult

The toll of boring everyday life and the mid-life crisis plays it’s part and they feel drawn.This could be a potent reason for men to cheat on their spouse, even when their married life is sailing smoothly.In such situations, she may neglect or ignore her partner or may take him for granted.Or she may unconsciously turn him down or devalue his opinions on a regular basis.

To ‘undo’ this mistake, many of the young men may indulge in an extramarital affair to bring excitement and fun to their life.

This continuous pattern may obstruct the quality communication between the couple.

Already dejected, such a man may look for ‘appreciation and acceptance’ from a close friend of the opposite sex and give in to the temptations of an emotional affair. Some men simply engage in an extramarital relationship out of pure boredom and the mundane nature of their married life.

But if you think all extramarital affairs result from a common temptation, then you might be wrong.

There are many reasons why men engage in cheating their spouse.

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