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Below are a few different support groups designed for the friends and family members of recovering addicts: Al-Anon is a 12-step support group for those who have a loved one with alcohol abuse.

You work through 12 steps with a sponsor, which help you to focus on yourself and your personal growth.

Other proven sources of stress relief for you and your loved one include: Don’t merely suggest stress-relieving activities. Encourage open and honest communication, free of blaming language.

Emphasize that recovery takes teamwork and that he or she doesn’t need to do it alone.

Alcohol abuse and substance abuse not only affects the individual with the problem but also the entire family.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that an important part of a customized substance abuse treatment regimen is to address all of the person’s needs—not just their drug use.

They include common problems family members encounter while living with a recovering addict and what actions you can take to address them.You learn healthy communication skills and ways to express feelings and needs without projecting blame.One of the most important things that a family needs to be aware of when living with a recovering alcoholic or drug addict is the importance of family members maintaining an alcohol- or drug-free and sober lifestyle.Even though your family member may have successfully completed treatment, the consequences of addiction could continue to affect the rest of the family for a long time.As a result of the addiction, you may face ongoing hardships, such as: In most cases, drug use significantly changes the lives of all those close to the addict – none more so than the immediately family. Many drug and alcohol treatment facilities provide education for family members on topics such as how addiction works and how to handle stress.

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