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The Mail was bought by The Irish Times in its final few years.

Having failed to turn the newspaper around (it had hoped to turn it into its own evening paper to rival the Irish Independent/Evening Herald and the Irish Press/Evening Press relationships, the Irish Times controversially closed the paper on 10 July 1962.

The Duke flew to Amsterdam by a commercial flight yesterday to launch the project this morning, and told an audience: 'We could all do better.' But claims that he flies by private jet occasionally to protect his family were met with disdain by many Twitter users.

One said: 'Prince Harry: When I fly by private jet, it's to keep my family safe.

The Mail was once co-owned by author Sheridan Le Fanu, who also owned or part-owned The Warden, the Protestant Guardian, Evening Packet, and Dublin University Magazine.

On Tickell's death it was acquired by James Poole Maunsell, who had edited it in the early 1880s and was the son of a former proprietor, Dr Henry Maunsell.

James Poole Maunsell died in 1897 and the paper was acquired by Lord Ardilaun after his death in 1915 it was sold to a Cork businessman called Tivy.

Halpine was among other things the private secretary to P. Barnum, became a prominent journalist with the New York Times, a decorated soldier in the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry and in the Irish Brigade (where his letters, sent as "Private Myles O'Reilly", to the media defending the union became famous), and a key figure in the creation of the United States Army's first African American regiment.

He finished his career as a crusader against local government corruption in New York, before accidentally chloroforming himself to death while trying to cure a severe headache. Patrick Maume “’ This Proteus of politics’: The Dublin Evening Mail on Gladstone, 1868-98” in Mary Daly & Theo Hoppen (eds.) Gladstone: Ireland and Beyond (Dublin; Four Courts Press, 2011) pp102–121.

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