Evemon skill queue not updating

Anyway, I put 6 characters into the fields on June 12 and went about sipping lemonade on the front porch.About midway through my 30-days of skill point sharecropping, I decided I wasn’t going to bother with it and would shut down all but 2 of the 6 on July 12 when the accounts lapsed.The CSM are also reported to have raised the issue with CCP prior to Fan Fest in April.But without a doubt CCP was well aware of the bug and its exploitable nature by Fan Fest when numerous conversations were reported to have taken place between unnamed players and unnamed devs.However, whereas the Late Spring of Mild Discontent was but a whisper compared to the actual Summer of Rage, the current manifestation known as ghost training is far more malevolent than its Casper-like predecessor.Ghost training circa 2008 was a minor haunting that caused little in the way of disturbance.

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Oddly enough, after weeks of deliberation as to why I wasn’t getting in on this passive income stream from skill point farming, I decided to dip my toe in the proverbial pond. I had some accounts laying around that could use 5 implants and train long skills, so why not play CCP’s new passive mini game that was all the rage with the kids.Some blame CCP for willfully ignoring a known issue from the start, but there is little evidence to support the conspiracy that they did nothing while remaining publicly silent.It should be noted that in spite of word getting around, the “EVE media” missed an opportunity to take up the issue by calling on CCP to publicly acknowledge the bug, declare it an exploit and warn the player base of its consequences. From here on out I’m dispensing with any of the ghost story nonsense.However, both of you who do listen know that as soon as I heard about ghost training in early May, I began to rail on the issue frequently.There is just something about players using a bug to gain advantage that begs to be called out; not to mention CCP’s silence on an issue of fundamental fairness within the sandbox they administer. This had broader implications and CCP owed it to its customers to be transparent. All I had was comments and speculation on reddit, or this comment following a June 26th story on INN.

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