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Now with the new update, every weapon and module will have its own dedicated group of sounds with which to use while being activated/fired.

CCP will also make sure that Wormhole space will have its own suite of sounds and music that is “better in every way possible” to Null-security.

The damage type that each ammunition deals is now represented by distinct icons, and the order of the ammunition is sorted by range when right-clicking on a weapon.

This will make it easier to choose your next steps in the heat of combat.

CCP has confirmed the ability to deactivate these advertisements will be purchasable in the New Eden Store.

EVE, for the last 15 years, has committed itself to realism, depicting the vacuum of space as it is: noiseless and cold.

Join us for the ground-breaking EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two tech demo, learn more about the return of the GM Week and the latest release to the #1 space MMO.

Answer CONCORD's call to arms by fighting the Triglavians and various other foes.

Gain as many Skill Points as you can during the Skilling Spree between 24 July and 21 August for destroying any NPC in New Eden!

Get rewards ranging from 10,000 Skill Points for one kill, to the rarer 50,000 Skill Points for more kills per challenge.

Then, use those Skill Points to train essential skills for piloting bigger, better ships with advanced weaponry.

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