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The late-night ads ran for more than two years on basic cable channels, even after she made it big on ABC's hit drama Teadmata kadunud (2004).During a guest spot on Late Show with David Letterman (1993), David Letterman played one of her commercials on his show. On Teadmata kadunud (2004) - my first year was baptism by fire. And I had no idea what I was doing, not just on set, and not just as an actor, but as a public figure. I had no idea how to cope with it, and what the best ways were to manage it.I think that they were very brave and very right in saying 'We won't do that to the young female audience that will come and watch our films'.And even for women my own age, I think it's time that we stop making stories that are only about men. One time there was this guy who was really awful to me [when I was a flight attendant], and I was really struggling that day, because I had really bad gas.Prior to her starring role on Teadmata kadunud (2004), she worked as an extra on film sets to help pay her university tuition.She can be seen in episodes of Tru Calling (2003), Dead Like Me (2003), and Smallville (2001), and in several films, including Valged tibid (2004), Stealing Sinatra (2003), and Freddy vs. Before starring on Teadmata kadunud (2004), she worked at a variety of other jobs.

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So this guy got under my skin to the point that finally I decided to save it all up, and when I was walking past him and when I got to row 48... If I didn't try to help others, I'd be no better than the Paris Hiltons of the world, waltzing around with their Louis Vuitton bags and their little dogs. To me Fort Saskatchewan holds a lot of really great memories.

I think it's more cumbersome and more of a hindrance to your life than it is the other. I didn't become an actress because this is the ultimate career goal of my life. I was doing a psychological exercise with myself, challenging myself, by going to auditions. Eventually, your smile will be contagious to yourself.

I had to learn that, I used to think, 'I'm being fake,' but you know what?

After shooting the final episode of Lost, Lilly said she was considering taking a break from acting to focus on her charity and humanitarian efforts.

She and the rest of the cast won the Gotham Award for Best Ensemble Cast and the Washington D.

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