Etiquette dating chinese woman

As one of the oldest living civilizations on Earth, China has been developing its culture over millennia and during your visit you might notice that Chinese culture isn’t exactly what you’re used to.What might be culturally acceptable in the West might be taboo in China (and vice versa!

You are expected to shake hands with everyone even if the delegation is rather large. Immediately upon introduction, present your name card.The People Deeply rooted in Chinese society is the need to belong and conform to a unit, whether the family, a political party or an organization. Meeting and Greeting Corporate Culture The Chinese are practical in business and realize they need Western investment, but dislike dependency on foreigners. However, to the dismay of older people, today's young people are rapidly modernizing, wearing blue jeans and sunglasses, drinking Coke and driving motorbikes.Play it safe and save all affectionate displays Getting ready to visit this culturally rich country for the first time?Get in touch with our local experts and they’ll help you create your very own customized trip so that you can enjoy China your way.

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