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The message “Error Validating Access Token” occurs while using Facebook/Messenger primarily by two groups of users; one are regular users accessing messenger and other are developers who are enabling Facebook login using the API.The error message is mostly related to the security process which Facebook implements when you access its platform.Copy and paste or directly input your code into the editor above, click the 'Find & Fix Errors' button, and the tool will parse your code and list all errors allowing you to fix them systematically.

If I enable MFA for the account, logging in does not work because MFA with 1-time password is not supported.I've tried creating an app password in the MFA configuration settings and using that, but it's also failing to login.Unfortunately, this is expected with MFA and Azure CLI.If you are using the Facebook API and access tokens for the simplest of reasons (for example using Facebook for validating the signup process in your application), make sure that it is not expired.Usually, Facebook tokens expire within 2 hours after they are requested from the Facebook server.

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