Enrich data by updating records rather than creating new records

Our platform helps cross-functional teams, like sales, marketing and customer success, map and identify who knows who at customer and prospect accounts.That information allows them to make more insightful, informed decisions when it comes to business development, cross-selling, upselling and customer engagement.Data stewards can bulk upload updates or clean up contact data on a case by case basis.That’s a huge benefit to sales, business development and marketing teams, who count on that data to move the business forward.

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Now with Cleanse, AI patterns help identify incorrect or missing data automatically.

We also plan to evaluate connectors to other CRM solutions based on demand for the solution in our longer-term roadmap.

Mongo DB's new Atlas Triggers are bringing the power of Mongo DB's serverless Triggers directly to Mongo DB Atlas databases.

Using existing Introhive ERM technology, with features like signature scraping and pre-meeting digest reports, our customers in professional services are already changing the game for their industry by cutting down on administrative CRM data entry and automating their revenue-generating activity.

Now, with Cleanse, professionals across these firms—from partners to practitioners to marketing to business development and data stewards—they all have an easy and instant way to keep their contact and relationship databases clean.

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