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Social justice doesn’t manifest in a singular fashion, nor is it achieved through a specific means of instruction.Students studying this field use critical examination of themselves, others, institutions and events to find patterns of inequality, bigotry or discrimination, then explore possible solutions to the problems they’ve identified.As students explore issues like the Trayvon Martin case or witness racism in their own lives, they need to be able to bring up these issues in class discussions.They also need to be able to recognize ways racism masquerades as normal treatment and question this treatment.This perspective allows students to understand that while disagreements may occur, they must work together to increase their knowledge.If students don’t perceive the classroom as competitive, they can approach the learning process as a path to solving problems instead of a mark of achievement only available to a few students.

In “Rethinking Our Classrooms,” Wayne Au, Bill Bigelow and Stan Karp write that “classrooms can be places of hope, where students and teachers gain glimpses of the kind of society we could live in and where students learn the academic and critical skills needed to make it a reality.” However, classrooms can also shut down that conversation, whether it’s in order to prepare for standardized tests, through a lack of discussion time, or because a teacher simply doesn’t understand or value cultural competency.

Students need to be able to recognize real-world problems and critically engage with these issues.

Racism in the United States has been the focus in several high-profile incidents of violence against people of color.

This environment ensures that students’ voices, opinions and ideas are valued and respected by their instructor and peers.

Teachers can establish a community of conscience by creating rules that teach fairness in classroom discussions and behavior.

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