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We were together when we started our mutual cartooning pages and I watched firsthand how I was received online, and how he was. I think that it led to him being received so much softer, and so much better, and I think that people saw his work as comedy so much more quickly.

It wasn't shocking but it was so surreal to be in a relationship with someone who was getting—and I'm not exaggerating—so much praise. Honestly, being together, I felt like he really validated me in that way.

ELLE caught up with the comedian, writer, and internet sensation to talk about her new book, dating in the digital age, and why you should maybe get a tattoo of your Tinder date's name. Sometimes I have a sudden idea and I'm like, I have to write this down, I have to make this right now.

I always carry a notebook with me and assorted pens.

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Also, WATCH OUT for my book on British Magazine Design out now!

I think it's a common misconception that you're not supposed to bring up stuff like that when you're casual.

You're not supposed to be like, "Hey, how much texting is cool for you? Or what's your other partner situation—are you sleeping with other people?

So if you've got those in a suitcase under the bed, it may be worth talking to an auction house.

And there is always a demand for vintage fashion magazines, such as Tatler and Vogue, which are still published, and Town and Nova, which are not; pre-1970 And certainly there are far more magazines being sold on e Bay - the number doubled in three years from 2010.

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