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The pigment compounds found in red watermelons is lycopene, whereas yellow watermelons contain beta-carotene, the same chemical that gives color to .

Aside from these basic chemical differences, yellow watermelons also have a sweeter taste and a thicker rind than red watermelons.

Closer dating for unmarked pieces is possible through vessel form and decoration. These wares are quite distinctive, and are unlikely to be confused with yellowware, either in appearance, or through recovery in the same contexts.

Several varieties of Native American pottery manufactured in the American Southwest have been grouped together by scholars as Jeddito Yellow Ware. Rockingham ware was named after the Marchioness of Rockingham in the early 19th century, and the name was then used as a marketing term in the United States.

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They were limited by the materials available to them, however, and colonial ceramic production was limited to redware and stoneware, with occasional attempts to produce creamware and porcelain.The rind of these watermelon goes deeper into the fruit, but the uniquely colored and flavorful flesh makes it worthwhile.properties as normal red watermelon, with some notable differences.It has been estimated that "between 18, Ohio alone produced half of America's yellowware".General dates for yellowware in the United States are 1828 to c. Few wares are marked, but those marks that do exist are well-represented in the literature.

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