Ecdis licensing and updating of chart data and system software gay speed dating in minneapolis

It could be said that the development was one of many made possible by rapidly improving computer technology that had earlier allowed the introduction of automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA) on to the navigation bridge of commercial ships.Initial systems were developed by individual manufacturers with little collaboration and to diverging standards as there was no performance standard to comply with.Professional can be used in combination with C-Map official ENCs, a concept known as ‘Dual Fuel’.This gives you vector chart coverage in areas not covered by ENC.If an ENC is not available for any area, the service will notify the navigator (during route planning or navigation) and add in C-Map Professional chart data.

CAES are official S-57 ENC charts supplied by Hydrographic Offices and pre-compiled into C-Map’s type-approved SENC format.

Previously ECDIS did not need to be tested against S-63, which defines the encryption and licensing of ENCs.

Following its inclusion there are comprehensive tests that all ECDIS must pass to ensure that they provide appropriate error-checking with informative messaging.

Official charts — both paper and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) — are produced by, or under licence from, national Hydrographic Offices or other relevant government institutions.

Most national institutions are members of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) which has developed a set of standards covering collection of chart data and production of charts.

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