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As an actress, she is famous for her work as Cecily in With Kat Dennings, Josh Groban’s dating marathon seemed to have come to the finish line in 2014.

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They developed their own unique instrument designs, tunings, and playing style, as you can hear on this unusual recording. Le Dernier Mot (The Last Word) was the fifth and final release by the French instrumental prog outfit Philharmonie.The group had disbanded in October 1997, but some things had been left unsaid and original members Frédéric L'Épée (guitars) and Bernard Ros (who left his Chapman stick to play the Warr guitar on this album) teamed up with drummer Volodia Brice to record one last album between March and August 1998.Selma and Groban were rumored to be dating around July 2010 when the pair was spotted at a theatre.Being that Josh was out of a relationship at that time, and the same for Selma, people quickly concluded that they were seeing each other.

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