Drew barrymore adam sandler dating

"I work in Africa with the World Food Program, but this was my first time in South Africa, and it was just a completely different experience. We would get held up on our way to work by a herd of elephants."The unusual traffic patterns paled in comparison to other oddities, however. "You were like, 'I just want to test it to see what happens.' It was bad."A baboon appears in one scene, which made Barrymore squirm.

The key to their connection, both fictional and real? I give her her distance – I let her do her things, go off with her friends. "We haven't really changed who we are as people, even though our lives have changed and we've grown up together." She's not exaggerating. "I'm not there every day and every morning but I'm around them a lot.

Adam admires Drew's growing baby bump as the actress neared her due date.

The duo were celebrating at the The Cinema Con Big Screen Achievement Awards in Las Vegas where Drew scooped Female Star of the Year and Adam won Male Star of the Year award winner.

BARRYMORE: We did so many different versions of things, so the first time that I saw the film, I wondered which version they were going to pick, and they always picked my favorite, or what I thought was the best. Everything is just as good as it could possibly be.

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore says she wants to reteam for a movie with her frequent collaborator and good friend Adam Sandler.

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