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If you become the guy women want to date, you won’t have to ask about double texting a girl because you won’t need to even do it to begin with!

She’ll be wanting your attention so much that she will be the one double messaging you!

However, even if you are in the “getting to know a girl” phase, there are times when double texting might be appropriate, although I would highly advise against it most of the time, especially if the delay between texts from her is very lengthy. There are times you might sent one text and genuinely need to send another.

Maybe plans have changed and she needs to know, you saw something interesting that you want to mention, or you forgot to mention something relevant earlier.

When there are four people enjoying their time together, things are just easier and less awkward, usually. This is the person that will go on the double date with you.

From the looks of it, you can invite either sex to be your doubler.

You might as well see if the relationship can be salvaged. If you send a lot of double texts to women, then you need to examine your overall dating strategy. Second, a lot of double texting means you could be desperate and needy with women.

The question of double texting a girl doesn’t sound like a big deal. First, especially in the beginning of a relationship, many guys overthink and over-analyze. The answer, as with most things in life, is complicated.

However, he didn’t like that, so he triple and quadruple texted her when she ignored him! Want to know one of the most unattractive traits in men?

I’ll give you a hint: it starts with the letter “n” and rhymes with seediness.

Not only that, but, if you can’t even wait for her to respond out of anxiety, jealousy, or fear it means you’re not very secure in the relationship. And, next to neediness, insecurity is second on the unattractive male behaviors list.

Look at it this way: a guy who has the girl’s full love and attention doesn’t need to double text.

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