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The percentage of women who agreed to his request jumped from 9.2 percent to when the dog was present. Women, it turns out, perceive men who are walking dogs more favorably than they do men who aren't walking dogs.

Women see dog-walking men as having more long-term romantic potential (as well as short-term potential) than the same men who aren't walking dogs. The researchers suggest that when you're walking a dog, people often assume you're the owner of that dog—i.e., that you're able to make the sacrifices necessary to take good care of a dog.

As a general rule, asking women for their phone numbers without any real interaction preceding such a request doesn't yield a lot of positive responses.

That said, the confederate had much more success when he was walking the dog. A recent lab experiment in Israel pursued this question (Tifferet, Kruger, Bar-Lev, & Zeller, 2013).

In both versions, he approached women in a pedestrian-friendly urban area, complimented them, and asked for their phone numbers.This means that dogs could be used as a strategic tool to attract a partner.If walking a dog is suggestive of desirable long-term characteristics, individuals who have a short-term relationship view might be able to shift the perception of themselves to appeal to attractive women who are not interested in short-term affairs.pee outings, daily trips to the park — rain or shine — feelings of guilt when you're away from home too long and unconditional love for a furry friend who depends on you for all their needs.For some dog owners, a potential mate's aversion or allergy to canines can be a deal breaker."For many people, dogs are like their babies," said Therese Relucio, coordinator at Park Slope for Pets.

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