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In my case, I got the PDF on the web and can give them an URL to download from.

You can drag and drop various file types (including PDF), and it pops up a browser with a printable report of the word count for each document. (It is specifically created for word counts and is only 435 KB... Translator's Abacus doesn't work on PDF 1.5 or later.I think that most pdf files for which I want to get total word count have text layer embedded, so I need no OCR. Another reason why this may fail are the headings: "4.3.2 Foo Bar" is counted as three words.The task was arisen from searching for some scientific papers of known size, e.g. A way around is only to count words starting with a char out of [A-Za-z].[Edit] I just found a pdf (which was created by exporting openoffice presentation slides) where I could have a lookup. The other documents still have text, they are not just images..[/Edit] I'll admit that I haven't used this feature much.

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