Dns forward zone not updating

Leaving this to the default setting will speed up DNS queries. This practice also provides a better documented DNS system over time, and keeps PTR records from getting improperly configured with Alias names.

Instead create a sub-zone and create the Host records there and create an Alias (CNAME) record in the appropriate zone.

In Active Directory there are a number of different zone types.

We’ll list them all below: The primary zone is the only zone that can be edited since it is the original data source for all domains in the zone.

It is the primary name resolution service for Active Directory.

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This also allows manual DNS host records to be easily monitored and maintained.Each new DNS server will have some new zones that can be searched. This is actually the default configuration for Windows 2003 DNS servers.Leaving this enabled simplifies DNS administration and speeds DNS queries to the internet.DNS is an important prerequisite of Active Directory.Without it, Active Directory will not function, or should we say, you can’t install or promote a server to a domain controller without having a DNS server either locally on that server or somewhere else on your network.

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