Django syncdb not updating database

So I am trying to amend my python path in the file

The line below is what I have, and the error still persists. /webapps/django_app/projectx/projectx/ directory one level up (if there is nothing else in the first projectx directory) then it might just work, otherwise you will need to update your project's Python Path to explicitly point to the location of those modules. Thanks, I have amended the project's location as you have suggested, but the error still occurred.

Programming Error: column "studierichting_id" cannot be cast to type integer class Lid(models. Char Field(max_length=30, blank=False) achternaam = models. Char Field(max_length=30, blank=False) studienummer = models. python,bash,environment-variables After updating your .bashrc, perform source ~/.bashrc to apply the changes. python,python-2.7 I don't know what you are exactly trying to achieve but if you are trying to count R and K in the string there are more elegant ways to achieve it. That means that the features selected in training will be selected from the test data (the only thing that makes sense here). python,python-2.7,pandas,dataframes I believe the following does what you want: In [24]: df['New_Col'] = df['Actual Citations']/pd.rolling_sum(df['total Pubs'].shift(), window=2) df Out[24]: Year total Pubs Actual Citations New_Col 0 1994 71 191.002034 Na N 1 1995 77 2763.911781 Na N 2 1996 69 2022.374474 13.664692 3 1997 78 3393.094951 23.240376 So the above uses rolling_sum and shift to generate the...

Also, merge the two BONSAI-related calls into one: export BONSAI=/home/me/Utils/bonsai_v3.2 UPDATE: It was actually an attempt to update the environment for some Eclipse-based IDE. django,django-templates Django templates do not use inclusion so much as template inheritance.

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and are functionally identical, the difference is is bundled with the app and is an attempt at a global command, which does not work as well on our shared platform.

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