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That means my visitors – without knowing and without me warning them – were getting tracked while on my site for something Disqus planned to do. He's a blogger, conference speaker, coach, advisor, and manager of people.

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Here’s my notes, so that you can evaluate if you want to do either of these, as well as how to do this efficiently.

Googling for upgrading octopress gave me my own article as the second match.

At the bottom of you master page, below the html, add the following javascript code: NOTE: The javascript code can and should live in an external file, but, for the sake of simplicity, I placed it inline. What this little piece of code does is pull the value of the category Id from the drop down, execute a call to the controller and then update the content of the div containing the partial view with the new data.

And if your browser got to load different content from different servers, it would do it faster (more asynchronously). It means, I think, that even though I might have turned off the ads on my own site, the people coming to my site, and commenting, were having that data aggregated by Disqus to turn into a profile to be used for placing and selling ad space. And it never will have ads in them, nor will it track you. Chris is best known for relentlessly writing blog posts (regardless of who reads them) and tirelessly telling stories (regardless of who hears them).

The partial view needs to live inside a master/parent page, so let's create one: The partial view is just a very slimmed down version of a normal view. Usually, you should avoid putting any javascript and css references in the partial view and try to make it as lightweight as possible.

The name of the view should be the same as the one used in the The idea here is to reload the partial view on the page when the user selects a different category from the drop down list.

And here’s the solution: Stack level too deep error #14, which is to replace lines 73-75 in Once you configure your Discourse site to import your blog articles, you’ll have to wait a bit for the rake task to run.

It’s great being able to kickstart the content of the forum with one’s blog articles! Not only did I get my new forum populated with some content, but I also created users who commented on my posts in the past.

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