Designer vb file not updating

The project will keep working, it just creates a problem for version control and I imagine some deployment models.Symptoms: I had the same problem, the model was generating a second file.After removing the subtype, you will still need to delete any other erroneously generated My Data Set1. I am trying to debug my app in Visual Studio Express 2010, when I realized my changes will not update on my form-on the designer or in the code.Thanks for finding it ( I'd searched this forum, but didn't know about that one ...

You can force Visual Studio 2008 to use a file and to have it create/update its designer code.

Sometimes that works (for me), and sometimes it doesn't.

Yep, that post (thread) is dealing with the same problem (or at least a similar one).

EDIT: Make sure that the designer file exists by creating an empty file with just the partial class definition. Part from that, try copying the GUI controls into a new page and copy the content of its Designer page to your deleted one.

Also make sure that it's registered in the project file. Along with all the other suggestions: In my case, it was a user control that began missing it's designer file.

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