David tennant dating sarah parish

Even though the actors are not professional singers and dancers, the whole concept works.

The most romantic of these musical scenes takes place during a date between Peter and Natalie. Peter starts singing it to Natalie, then she sings back to him.

In January 2015, Tennant received the National Television Award for Special Recognition.

One dance is notable in the fact that David messes up about two-thirds through the song.

She is a shy and lonely woman who is frustrated with her life.

It's interesting to watch Natalie's conflict when she falls in love with Peter and has trouble trying to do what is morally right and stay with her husband, but be so drawn to Peter.

BBC America has shown it as "Viva Blackpool" but it has some scenes cut out of it.

So, the only way Americans can see this in its entirety is on You Tube.

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