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Produced at The Playhouse of the Henry Street Settlement (NYC - 1937) starring Laurence Moore, Samuel Geichman, Louis Barte, Abe West, etc. Mack And Mabel : "The Musical Romance of Mack Sennett's Funny and Fabulous Hollywood" by Michael Stewart. Various productions (1974 - 2004) starring Robert Preston (as "Mack Sennett"), Bernadette Peters (as "Mabel Normand"), Lisa Kirk, Jerry Dodge, James Mitchell (as "William Desmond Taylor"), Lee Horsley, Janet Metz, Ed Evanko, Bruce Clayton, Heather Gifford, George Sologuren, Michael Atkins, John La Paille, etc. Madge Smith, Attorney : Produced in 1901 (No location listed) starring May Irwin, Joseph M. Songs include: "The Turkey and the Turk," "Why Don't the Band Play," "I've Got Troubles of My Own," "I Ain't Going to Work No More," "Laid Him on the Shelf," etc. Hale's Playhouse (Palm Beach - 1964) starring Celeste Holm, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Mac Donald Carey, Patricia Harty, Martin Huston and Florence Phillips. Madras House, The : Book by Harley Granville-Barker. Produced at the Pittsburgh Playhouse (1962 - 63) starring Esther Lapiduss, Sherry Lane, William Glennon, Robert Parks, etc. Make A Wish : "A New Musical Comedy" by Preston Sturges (Based on "the Good Fairy" by Ferenc Molnar). Produced by Harry Rigby and Jule Styne with Alexander H. Originally produced (1939) and directed by Guthrie Mc Clintic (Husband of Katharine Cornell). Man And Superman : "A Comedy and Philosophy" by George Bernard Shaw. Produced by Arthur Lubin and Richard Krakeur at the Shubert Theatre (New Haven - 1930) starring Paul Muni, Paul Guilfoyle, Constance Mc Kay, Victor Kilian ("The Fernwood Flasher" on television's "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"), Billy Fay, etc. Man In The Glass Booth, The : Book by Robert Shaw (Co-star of "Jaws," From Russia With Love," "The Battle of the Bulge" etc. Various productions (1967 - 69) starring Donald Pleasence, Lawrence Pressman, Yootha Joyce, Leonardo Cimino, Max Howard, Geraldine Kay, Jack Warden, Ben Kapen, etc. Produced at The New York and Promenade Deluxe (1899) starring John E. Man In The Moon, Jr., The : "A Spectacular Fantasy" by Louis Harrison and Stanislaus Stange. Produced at the Chestnut Street Theatre (Philadelphia - No date) starring Julius Steger, Fred Solomon, Sam Bernard, Violet Hollis, Bessie Wynn, Zaza Belasco, etc. Songs include: "The Spirit of Mischief and Sprites," "The Orchid Ballet," "Up in the Silvery Moon," "He Belongs to Me," etc. Produced by The Sherek Players at the Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama (1949) starring Mary Ellis, George Coulouris, Percy Cartwright, Julian Somers and Alan Wheatley. Man Inside, The : "A Drama of Crime' by Roland Hurnham Molineux. Produced by The Stagers (No location listed - 1925) starring Dwight Frye (Co-star of the films, "Dracula" and "Frankenstein"), Margaret Love, Josephine Hutchinson, Arthur Hughes, Jean Worth, Clarke Billings, etc. Produced by Harry Bloomfield at the Shubert Theatre (New Haven - No date) starring Henry Hull, Mary Astor, Neil Hamilton ("Commissioner Gordon" on television's "Batman"), Jayne Cotter, Ivan Simpson, etc. Produced at various theatres (1937) starring Dan Duryea, Maurice Hunt, Vaughan Glaser, Robert Shayne ("Inspector Henderson" on television's "The Adventures of Superman"), William Price, Alexander Kirkland, George Lessey, etc. Marathon ' 33 : Book by June Havoc (Portrayed as "Dainty June" in the play and films, "Gypsy"). Produced by Joseph Papp for the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Newman/Public Theatre (NYC - No date) starring Madeline Kahn, Joel Grey, Anne Jackson, Chris Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver, etc. Marcus In The High Grass : "A New Play " by Bill Gunn. Produced by Charles Frohman and Klaw and Erlanger at various theatres (1916) starring Elsie Ferguson, Norman Trevor, Leslie Palmer, David Kimball, Warburton Gamble, Paul Doucet, etc. Produced in Paris (1935) starring Janine Lutz, Henri Peiffert, Charles Aznavour (Songwriter - "Yesterday, When I Was Young," "The Old Fashioned Way," "She," etc.), Claude Mengal, Mona Dol, etc. Marianne : "A New Musical Play" by Sylvia Regan and Kenneth White. Married With Money : "The Great Comedy" produced at the Original People's Theatre (Brattleboro, VT - No date) starring Hal Warren, Hattie Henry, Howard Glendale, May Warren, etc. Songs include: "Short People," "Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear," "The Debutante's Ball," "Mr. Songs include: "Tokio," "Pity My Pitiful Plight," "Festival of Mourning," "When the Ocean Breezes Blow," etc. Mazeppa : or "The Wild Horse of Tartary" by Lord Byron. Irving, Jo Sullivan (Wife of Frank Loesser), John Reardon (Metropolitan Opera Star), Swen Swenson ("Little Me," No, No Nanette," etc), Neile Adams (Wife of Steve Mc Queen), etc.

Machine-Wreckers, The : Book by Ernst Toller (English version by Ashley Dukes). Shubert at the Stamford Theatre (CT - 1923) starring Winifred Lenihan, Mary Shaw, Dodson Mitchell, Florence Short, etc. Produced by The Winter Garden Company at various theatres (1915) starring Jack Coogan, Eddie Cox, Bert Clark, Kathryn Andrews, John Sparks, Minerva Coverdale, etc. Make A Note Of It : "An Intimate Revue" with music and lyrics by June Reizner. Songs include: "True About Love," "Rock Bottom," "Natalie Wood," "Simplicity," "Driving Me Crazy at the Drive-In," etc. Produced by Guthrie Mc Clintic at various theatres (1939 - 54) starring Ethel Waters, Fredi Washington (Star of the 1934 film version of "Imitation of Life"), Maude Russell, Willie Bryant, Alberta Hunter ("Remember Ny Name" on film), John Kerr, Canada Lee, Henry Scott, Estelle Hemsley, Jose Ferrer, Anne Brown (Original "Bess" in George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess"), etc. Originally produced (1957) by Charles Mooney and directed by Melvyn Douglas. Produced at the Wieting Opera House (Syracuse, NY - 1920) starring Brandon Tynan, Cyril Raymond, Edna Milton, Louise Orth, etc. Manhattan : "A New American Comedy" by Leighton Osmun and Henry Hull. Brady at the Stamford Theatre (CT - 1922) starring Norman Trevor, Hubert Druce, Hilda Spong, Leila Bliss, Albert Gran, etc. Manhattan Mary : "A New Musical; Comedy - Clean From Beginning to End" with book, lyrics and music by B. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson (Portrayed by Gordon Mac Rae, Dan Dailey and Ernest Borgnine in the 1956 biopic, "The Best Things in Life Are Free"), William K. Produced by George White at various theatres (1927 - 28) starring Ed "The Perfect Fool" Wynn, Ona Munson ("Belle Watling" in "Gone With the Wind"), Lou Holtz, Adele Smith, Harland Dixon, Mae Clarke (Co-star of the film, "The Public Enemy"), The Mc Carthy Sisters, De Sylva, Brown and Henderson, Paul Frawley (Brother of William Frawley), etc. Songs include: "Nothing But Love," "Memories," "My Blue Bird's Home Again," "Hudson Duster," etc. Produced by The Theatre Guild At the Biltmore Theatre (NYC - 1929) starring Dudley Digges, Elizabeth Patterson, Earle Larimore, Armina Marshall, etc. Man's Man, A : "A Comedy of Life Under the "L' " by Patrick Kearney. Produced by Peter Saunders at the Duchess Theatre (London - 1954) starring Arthur Hewlett, A. Matthews, Charles Heslop, Lorraine Clewes, Jean Lodge, etc. Many Happy Returns : "A New Comedy" by Clare Kummer. Produced by Living Theatre Productions (NYC - 1959) starring George Miller, Judith Mallina, Murray Paskin, Dorothy Dill, Melvin Clay, Eileen Fulton (Star of television's "As the World Turns"), etc. Many Mansions : "A Minister's Love Story" by Jules Eckert Goodman and Eckert Goodman. Frank Curzon), Elsie Chester, Ada Ferrar, Herbert Ross, Rose Musgrove, Claude Fleming, Athol Forde, Florence le Clercq, Charlotte Walker, Guy Coombs, Alice Butler, Albert Roscoe, Almma Tell, etc. Mississippi, The : Book by Friedrich Duerrenmatt (Translated by Michael Bullock). Produced at The Mark Taper Forum (Los Angeles - 1967) starring Jack Alberson ("The Subject Was Roses," "Top Banana," etc. Marriage Question, The : "A Play of Springtime and Love Eternal Told in a Modern Way" by Ralph T. 1907) starring Kyrle Bellew, Verner Clarges, Henry Chanfrau, Annie Sutherland, Marion Erle, etc. Songs include: "When the Band Strikes Up Dixie," "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now," "I Want to Go To the Ballgame," "That's What You Get For Being Irish," "Cubanola Glide," "I'm On My Way to Reno," "In Old Nevada," etc. Produced at the Barre Opera House (Barre, VT - 1893) starring Hugh Fay, William Barry, Charles Barrie, Alice Gale, etc. Produced at the Grand Opera House (Syracuse, NY - 1898) starring Bobby Gaylor, Frank Lalor, Burt Wesner, Frank Rockwell, Kittie Wolfe, etc. on film and "My Favorite Martian" on television), Mark Dawson, George S. Songs include: "Me and My Girl," "The Lambeth Walk," "Once You Lose Your Heart," "Leaning on a Lamppost," etc. Produced at the Lakewood Theatre (Skowhegan, Maine - 1970) starring Pat and Eloise O' Brien (Husband and wife), Matt Conley, Brigid O' Brien (Daughter of Pat O' Brien), Elsa Raven, etc. Me, Him And I : "A Fantastic Farcical Frivolity and Musical Spectacle" by William Halcomb.

Tessa Bonhomme has appeared on two reality TV programs named ' Wipeout Canada' and CBC's ' Battle of the Blades'. Her net worth is increased by participating in national, international and club hockey games and being involved in brand endorsement. Various productions (1953 - 58) starring Betty Paul, Keith Andes, Odette Myrtil, Bramwell Fletcher, Celia Lipton, Irene Bordoni, John Hoyt, James Broderick (Father of Matthew Broderick), Marc Platt, Anita Ellis (Sister of Larry Kert. Songs include: "Casey," "Shine, You Swine," "Stroll On," "The Land of Promises," "The World's a Lovely Place". Max Reynolds, Frank Hand, Alfred Lunt, George Ernst, Coral Ayres, Stuart Robson, Victor Travers, Laura Simms, Ruth Donnelly, Harry Penn, etc. Produced by Laurence Rivers at various theatres (1929) starring Joan Blondell, James Cagney, Shirley Warde, Frank Rowan, Mary Frey, Doris Dagmar, etc. Billed with "False Alarms," "The Clandestine Marriage," "Lost and Found," "John Bull," "The Hypocrite," etc. Songs include: "I Am the Pasha," "Two's Company, Three's a Crowd', "Queen of the Night," etc. Originally produced (1974) by Edgar Lansbury (Brother of Angela Lansbury), Joseph Beruh and Ivan Reitman and directed and choreographed by Grover Dale. Songs include: "The Things I learned in Dear Old Jersey," "Girls All Around Me," "The Rocking Chair Fleet," "Oriental Serenade," etc. Maids To Order : "A Three Act Musical Comedy" by William F. Produced at Graff and Jacob's Grand Opera House (Syracuse, NY - 1898) starring James and John Russell ("The Famous Russell Brothers"), William Mason, John T. Son of Walter Lupino), Frieda Inescort, Maurice Wells, Philip Bosco, Paddy Croft, Jon De Vries, Rachel Gurney, Frank Hamilton, Jamey Sheridan, John Astin ("The Addams Family"), Louise Latham, Evans Evans, Phil Bruns, Carol Thompson, Helen Westley, Gale Sondergaard, Dudley Digges, Annie Russell, Granville Barker, Louis Calvert, Scott Hylands, Blythe Danner, David Birney, Norman Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, Grace George, Ernest Lawford, John Cromwell (Father of James Cromwell), Charlotte Granville, G. Hyman at various theatres (1948 - ) starring Sid Caesar, David Burns, Jack Kilty, Biff Mc Guire, Tony Charmoli, Joshua Shelley, Eleanor Bagley, Sheila Bond, Max Showalter, George Spelvin, Skip Randall, etc. Produced at The Neighborhood Playhouse of the Henry St. Louis - 1913) starring Eva Lang, Virginia Goodwin, Marcia Harris, Inez Lyman, John Ellis, etc. Produced by Richard Barr and Clinton Wilder at the Sam S. Produced by Charles Frohman at the Lyceum Theatre (NYC - 1911) starring Alla Nazimova, Frank Gillmore, Arthur Lewis, Edward Fielding, Kate Meek, Grace Carlyle, Eileen Kearney, etc. Songs include: "Listening to the Radio," "Popularity," "Super-Sheik," "Forty-Second Street Moon," "When I Show 'Em This," etc. Songs include: "When Zim Zim Go the Cymbals," "What's the Use of Going to Bed," "Such a Bore," "Captain Dinklepop," "Did You Ever," etc. Produced by the Brooklyn Academy of Music Theater Company (1980) starring Avril Gentles, Christine Estabrook, Norman Snow, Roxanne Hart, Guy Michaels, Bill Moor, Brian Murray, etc. Marriage Game, The (No author listed) : Produced by The 16th Edward F. 1944) starring Ruth Holden, Frances Thaddeus, Islay Benson, Peggy French, John Robb, Bob Kennedy, etc. Marriage Is For Two : "A Comedy" by Thomas Coley and William Roerick. Various productions (1913 - 14) starring Pop Cory, Tom Walls, Robert Michaelis, Maurice Tosh, Winifred Barnes, Elise Craven, Gertie Millar, Donald Brian, Guy Nichols, Winship Fink, Frank Adair, Moya Mannering, etc. Mecca : "A Musical Extravaganza of the Orient" by Oscar Asche. First President of the Czech Republic 1993 - 2003). Produced by Joseph Papp and The New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theatre at the Florence Sutro Anspacher Theater (1968) starring Olympia Dukakis, William Duell, Mari Gorman, Raul Julia, etc. Various productions (1933 - 79) starring Luther Adler, J. Produced by The Glines at the Courtyard Playhouse (NYC - 1990) starring David Baird, John Carhart III, Scott Zimmerman, etc. Menopause: The Musical : "The Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change" produced at the Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center/Nova Southeastern University (Davie, FL - c. Songs include: "Puff, My God I'm Draggin' ," "Stayin' Awake, Stayin' Awake," etc. Morton) : "A Play of American Life" by Martha Morton. Produced at the Plymouth Theatre (NYC - 1977) starring John Clements, Roberta Maxwell, Joseph Leon, Marian Seldes, Julie Garfield (Daughter of John Garfield), Riggs O' Hara, Mark Blum, Angela Wood, etc. Merchant Of Yonkers, The : "A New Farce" by Thornton Wilder (The inspiration for the musical, "Hello, Dolly! Produced by Herman Shumlin at various theatres (1938 - 39) starring Jane Cowl, Percy Waram, Philip Coolidge, Bartlett Robinson, Tom Ewell, June Walker, etc. Merchants Of Glory : Book by Marcel Pagnol and Paul Nivoix (Translated by Ralph Roeder). Produced at Henry Miller's Theatre (NYC - 1924) starring Grace George, Laura Hope Crews ("Aunt Pittypat" in "Gone With The Wind"), Eddie Quinn, Berton Churchill, Arthur Sinclair, Mary Ellis, etc. Shubert at the Imperial Theatre (NYC - 1926) starring Bernard Dudley, Thomas Whiteley, Emil Boreo, Dezso Retter, Alexander Gray, Grace Glover, Lola Raine, etc. Produced at various theatres (1895 - 97) starring May Howard, Frank Blair, David Warfield, Hattie Moore, Nanette Nixon, Frank Mc Nish, Fred Solomon, Kitty Lawrence, etc. Produced for the New York Shakespeare Festival (Lincoln Center) at the Zellerbach Theatre (The Annenberg Center for Communication Arts and Sciences - University of Pennsylvania), Philadelphia (1974) starring Estelle Parsons, Michael Lombard, Marilyn Roberts, Rhoda Gemignani, Norman Ornellas, Beverlee Mc Kinsey and Marie Wallace. Merton Of The Movies : "A Dramatization of Harry Leon Wilson's Story of the Same Name" by George S. Various productions (1922 - 77) starring Glenn Hunter, Esther Pinch, Florence Nash, Edward M. Original 1922 production directed by Hugh Ford, George C. Various productions (1899 - 1924) starring Charles Hawtrey, Edgar Payne, Eric Dudley, George Pickett, Adie Burt, Isabel Irving, Frances Belmont, Lilian Morgan, Jessie Bateman, Bella Pateman, Katherine Standing, Alan Mowbray, May Ediss, Charles Hampden, etc. Messenger From Jarvis Section, A : "The Original and Typical American Comedy Abounding in Quaint Humors, Novel Surprises and Peculiar Interests" by E. Mc Auley, Charles Mason, Lizzie Evans, Jessie Randolph, Minnie Maddern, etc. Produced by Louis Isquith "With An All-Star Cast of Colored Artists" at the Hudson Theatre (NYC - 1929) starring Sterling Grant, Paul Floyd, Monette Moore, Arthur Porter, Freda Jackson, James Dyer, Olive Ball, Bamboo Mc Carver, etc. Metamorphoses, The : "Transformation of Ovid" adapted and translated with lyrics by Arnold Weinstein. Various productions (1971) starring Lewis Arquette (Son of Cliff "Charley Weaver" Arquette and father of Rosanna Arquette, Patricia Arquette, Alexis Arquette, Richmond Arquette, and David Arquette), Regina Baff, Hamid Hamilton Camp, Mary Frann (Co-star of television's "Newhart"), Paula Kelly ("Sweet Charity" on film), Avery Schreiber (Of the comedy team, "Burns and Schreiber"), Susan Anspach, Bernie Casey, George Gaynes, John Rubenstein (Son of Artur Rubenstein), Judi West, Lesley Warren, etc. Metamorphoses : Book by Mary Zimmerman (Based on a translation by David Slavitt of Ovid's "Metamorphoses"). Produced at The American Place Theatre (NYC - 1972) starring Christopher Walken, Sy Travers, Oliver Clark, Leonardo Cimino, Catherine Burns, Avril Gentles, etc. Produced by Michael Todd (Stage and film producer and director. Father of Michael Todd, Jr.) at the Winter Garden Theatre (NYC - 1944) starring Bobby Clark (Of the comedy team, "Clark and Mc Cullough"), June Havoc (Sister of Gypsy Rose Lee. Songs include: "Sing to Me, Guitar," "The Good-Will Movement," "I Love You," "There Must Be Someone For Me," "What a Crazy Way to Spend a Sunday," etc. Various productions (1911 - 15) starring Rose Stahl. Magic And The Loss, The : "A New Play" by Julian Funt. Cohen and Ralph Alswang at the Booth Theatre (NYC - 1954) starring Uta Hagen, Robert Preston, Lee Bowman, Edith Meiser, Danny Dennis, and Charles Taylor. Magic Bride, The : "A New Domestic Romance" produced at the Theatre Royal, Lyceum (London - 1810). Produced by Rea John Powers at the Ivy Tower Playhouse (Spring Lake, NJ - 1954) starring Judith Evelyn, John Marriott, Lois Edwards, Mary Bell, etc. Magic Show, The : "America's Blockbuster Magic Musical Hit" by Bob Randall. "), Dale Soules, David Ogden Stiers ("MASH"), Cheryl Barnes, Anita Morris (Wife of Grover Dale), Joseph Abaldo, Peter Depaula, Connie Day, Jay Garner, etc. 1969) starring Bobbie Myers, Sherry Saxe, Kay Daphne, Linda Gulder, Carol Schlanger, Meral Taygun, Frances Reid, Priscilla Pointer, and Neva Fowler. Maids Of Siam : "A Merry Burlesque with Original Music" by A. Songs include: "Cigaret [sic.] Song," "Cachuca Dance," "Rag -Time Chinaman," etc. Produced by the Leeds University Union French Society (West Yorkshire, England - No date) starring Ann Clark, Peter Tebbit, Brian Keating, etc. Master Of The Woodbarrow, The : "A Story of Woodbarrow Farm, Devonshire" by Jerome K. Produced by Daniel Frohman at various theatres (1890 - 91) starring E. Sothern, Rowland Buckstone, Owen Fawcett, Walter Craven, Cyril Scott, Augustus Cook, Tully Marshall, Allen Rollitt, etc. Various productions (1915 - 80) starring Charles Laughton, Burgess Meredith, Glynis Johns, Eli Wallach, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Richard Lupino (Cousin of Ida Lupino. Making Waves : "A Swashbuckling Musical Voyage Through the 18th Century, In Which We Meet Some Most Peculiar Sailors Who Are Not All They Seem" by the Public Parts Theatre Company. Produced at the Bristol Old Vic (England - No date) starring Tim Crouch, Karen Hayes, Maudie Smith and Carrie Wale. Makropoulis Secret, The : Book by Karel Capek (A New Adaptation by Tyrone Guthrie). Edward Hambleton and Norris Houghton at the Phoenix Theatre (NYC - No date) starring Eileen Herlie, Conrad Bain, Eric House, William Hutt, Nancy Malone, Taylor Graves, etc. Produced at The Provincetown Playhouse (MA - No date) starring Max Levine, William Whiting, Joab Robin, etc. Malcolm : Book by Edward Albee (Based on the novel by James Purdy). Selznick), Harry Stockwell, Romo Vincent, Luba Malina, Taylor Holmes, Ruth Webb, Jerry Wayne, John Cassidy, etc. Marionettes, The : "The Comedy" by Pierre Wolfe (Translated by Gladys Unger). Music by Sigmund Romberg, Herbert Stothart, Philip Culkin and Stephen Jones. Shubert Theatre (NYC - 1924) starring Elizabeth Hines, Andrew Tombes, Richard Skeet Gallagher, Roy Royston, Ethel Shutta ("Follies"), Nan Crawford, Portland Hoffa (Wife of Fred Allen), etc. Harris in association with Felix Young at the Booth Theatre (NYC - 1929) starring Ann Davis, Louise Huntington, Edwin Stanley, Elizabeth Patterson, Allan Dinehart, etc. Marriage Dance, The : "An Evening of Farce" by Bertolt Brecht ("The Wedding") and Georges Feydeau ("The Purging"). Keith's Theatre (Providence, RI - 1916) starring Minor Watson, Lawrence Evart, Stuart Beebe, Ralph Remley, Ida Stanhope, Berton Churchill, etc. Produced by "Theatricals in Aid of the Permanent Fund of the East End Christian Union" at Brattle Hall (Cambridge, MA - No date) starring Thomas A. Produced by Ruth Holden at the Shubert Theatre (New Haven - c. Muir"), Nan Martin, John Zacherle (Host of the late night television horror film series - "Shock Theatre"), Louise Latham, Doug Lambert, Archie Smith, etc. Memorandum, The : Book by Vaclav Havel (The ninth and last President of Czechoslovakia 1989 - 92. Men In White : "A Play About Men In Medicine" by Sydney Kingsley. Produced by Chandler Cowles and Martin Gabel (Television's "What's My Line? Husband of Arlene Francis) at various theatres (1953) starring Robert Preston, Martin Ritt (Stage and film director - "Hud," "The Front," Norma Rae," etc.), Orson Bean (Television's "To Tell the Truth"), Jean Carson, David Burns ("The Music Man," etc.), etc. Men Of Manhattan : "Scenes of New York City Gay Life" by John Glines. Produced by Dave Wolper at various theatres (1944) starring Joyce Mathews (Wife of Milton Berle, Billy Rose, Don Beddoe, etc.), Tom Noonan, Mildred Smith, James Elliott, Bill Hunt, etc. Men We Marry, The : Book by Elisabeth Cobb and Herschel Williams at various theatres (1947 - 48) starring Shirley Booth, Neil Hamilton ("Commissioner Gordon" on television's "Batman"), Doris Dalton, John Williams ("To Catch a Thief," "Dial M For Murder, etc. "Family Affair" on television), Margaret Hamilton ("The Wicked Witch of the West " in "The Wizard of Oz"), Mart Linden, etc. Billed with "The Respectable Prostitute" by Jean -Paul Sartre starring Hugh Griffith, Betty Ann Davies, Orlando Martins, etc. Clement's Church (NYC - 1969) starring Marian Seldes, Jerome Raphel, M' el Dowd, William Prince, Virginia Downing, etc. Merlin : Book by Richard Levinson and William Link (Based on an original concept by Doug Henning and Barbara De Angelis). Mermaid Meat : "The Secret to Immortality and Other Japanese Ghost Stories" produced by Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu at the Eugene and Elinor Friend Center for the Arts (San Francisco - 2005) starring Brenda Wong Aoki, Mark Izu and Janet Koike. Morton, Sherman Wade, Marie Beaugarde, James Doyle, etc. Merry Widow Remarried, The : "Die Lustige Wittwe in Zweiter Ehe" by Max Hanisch (English adaptation by Bertha Sheafer and Alonzo Price). Produced by Max Faetkenheuer at the Euclid Garden Theatre (Cleveland, Ohio - No date ) starring Harry Benham, Robert Pitkin, Lew Dunbar, Olive North, etc. Merry Wives Of Gotham, The : "Fanshastics" by Laurence Eyre. Songs include; "Military Charleston," "Don't Fall in Love," "Golden Gates," "Talahasse" [sic.], "Dancing Jim," "Versailles," etc. Smith) : "A Dramatic Pousse- Café, Intended to Cheer You Up After Dinner, and Containing a Little of Everything Except Plot" by Edgar Smith and Nicholas Biddle. Whitehead, Mary Wickes, Anne Baxter, Buster Keaton, Jane Dulo, Molly Dodd, Sid Clute, Richard Thomas ("The Waltons"), Annette O' Toole, Mickey Deems (Of the comedy team, "Mack and Myer for Hire"), Herb Vigran, Peggy Rea, etc. Message From Mars, A : "A Fantastical Comedy Drama" by Richard Ganthony. Powers, George Honey, May Robson, Rachel Booth, Harry Nicholls, William Wyes, Violet Lloyd, Grace Palotta, Katie Seymour, etc. ," "Sheltered From the Noonday Glare," "To the Paris Exposition," etc. Produced at the Corinthian Academy of Music (No location listed - 1879) starring B. Songs include: "Harlem Town," "Your Love is All I Crave', "Get Away From My Window," "Mississippi Moan," "Tapcopation," "Hopping the Buck," etc. Metamorphosis : Book by Charles Dizenzo (From the stories of Franz Kafka). " 1950 - 75), Edith Atwater, Henry Jones, Jane Seymour, Jean Carson, Royal Dano, etc. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter (Portrayed by Cary Grant in the 1946 biopic," Night and Day," by Ron Randell in "Kiss Me Kate" (1953) and by Kevin Kline in the 2004 biopic, "De-Lovely".). Produced by Arnold Mittelman at the Coconut Grove Playhouse (Miami - 1990) starring Rafael Blanco, Mark Morales, Ronald Hunter, Pedro Roman, Jack Dabdoub, etc. Originally produced (1934) by Sidney Harmon and James R. Mamma's Affair : "The Harvard Prize Play" by Rachel Barton Butler. Songs include: "It's a 'andy Thing to Have About the 'ouse," "Rob Roy Tam O' Shanter O' Brien," "My Almond - Eyed Boy," "Don't Start No Argerment," etc. Additional lyrics and scenes by Clifton Bingham and E. Billed with "Mary Stuart" by John Drinkwater starring Charles Francis, Russ Whytal, Clare Eames, Charles Waldron, Thurston Hall, etc. Various productions (1907 - 13) starring Holbrook Blinn, George Fawcett, Douglas Fairbanks, John Emerson, Lillian Kemble, Charles Mackay, Harold Russell, Harry Mills, Joseph Sweeney, Forrest Orr, Harrison Ford, etc. Produced at the Globe Theatre, London (1990) starring Gareth Hunt, Louisa Rix, Diane Bull, David Cunningham, Daniel Collings, Nigel Planer, Carlan Dewar, Lisa Richards, Shirley-Anne Selby, Tessa Worsley, Paul Stewart, Terence Booth, etc. Lawrence Weber at the Broadhurst Theatre (NYC - 1932) starring Claude Rains, Carleton Young, Jean Arthur, Julien Garfied (John Garfield), etc. Produced at various theatres (1913 -14) starring Marie Tempest, John Alexander ("Uncle Teddy Roosevelt" in the original play and film, "Arsenic and Old Lace"), Herbert Ross, Norman Loring, Barbara Fenn, Kenyon Musgrave, etc. Wife of Skitch Henderson), Scott Forbes, Irene Worth, Max Adrian, John Colicos, William Hutt, Ellis Rabb, Tony Carlin, Jacqueline Antaramian, Michael Countryman, Monique Fowler, Adam Greer, John Benjamin Hickey, Maria Tucci, Guy Paul, Brian Murray, Shubert in association with Mary Kirkpatrick at various theatres (1923) starring Louise Huff, Ben Lyon, William Hanley, John Kirkpatrick, etc. Various productions (1954 - 62) starring Ruth Gordon, Eileen Herlie, Loring Smith, Arthur Hill (Television's "Owen Marshall - Counselor-At-Law"), Esme Church, Philip Leeds, Robert Morse ("How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"), Gretchin Hauser, Judge Springer, Patricia Cutts, Leonardo Cimino, Gertrude Berg (Star of "The Goldbergs" on television), Milo Boulton, Frances Sternhagen, Archie Smith, Sydney Walker, Melva Lou Blancett, Karl Janssen, Barbara A. Morron, Sam Levene, Eric Porter, Peter O' Toole, etc. Harkins, Robert Neil, Frederick De Vere, Cecil Wallace, Annie Dunbar, Constance Wallace, etc. at the Forrest Theatre (NYC - 1926) starring Bernie Goe, Juliette Day, Olga Steck, Jack Squire, Rodolf Badeloni, John Park, etc. 1963) starring James Karen, Frances Sternhagen and Marlene Warfield. Maude Of The Tenderloin : "The Laughable Farcial Success" produced at the Olympic Theatre (No location or date listed) starring Charles Barton, Charles Mack, Annie Dunn, Dot Webster, Mamie May, Lilly May, etc. Various productions (1988 - 90) starring John Rubinstein, George N. Songs include: "Dancing Queen," "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do," "Mamma Mia," "S. S.," "Take a Chance on Me," "The Winner Takes It All," etc. Abelos, William Burress, Harry Kelly, Olive Wallace, Lillian Stanford, etc. Produced at the Royal Court Theatre (London - No date) starring Robert Pateman, Joseph Tapley, Lawrence Grossmith, Arthur Playfair, Florrie Wilson, etc. at the Ritz Theatre (NYC - 1921) starring Deems Taylor, Ernest Hunter, Austin Strong, George Mitchell and Henry Clapp Smith. Various productions (1963 - 2011) starring Charles Boyer, Austin Willis, Jane Downs, William Smithers, Louise Sorel, Geoffrey Keen, Barry Justice, Frank Langella, Adam Driver, Francesca Faridany, Zach Grenier, Brian Hutchison, Virginia Kull, Michael Siberry, etc. Smelko, Isa Thomas, Polly Holliday ("Flo" on television's "Alice"), Jack Masters, Robert Harris, Dick O' Neill, Jeff Morrow, Robert Donley, Leonard Rossiter (Star of "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" on BBC TV), Frank Shelley, Dan Jesse, Thomas C. Songs include: "I, Don Quixote," "Dulcinea," "I'm Only Thinking of Him," "Little Bird, Little Bird," "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)". Man Of The Hour, The : "A Modern Play" by George Broadhurst. Produced at the Shubert-Princess Theatre (Chicago - No date) starring Howard Hall as "Abraham Lincoln". Produced at the Madison Square Theatre (NYC - 1889 - 90) starring Maurice Barrymore (Patriach of the Barrymore acting family), Walden Ramsey, Henry Woodruff and Nannie Craddock. Dwight Rogers, Walsh Baldwin, Mary Nash, Dudley Clements, Nick Long, William Masson, etc. Mooney" on television's "The Lucy Show"), Frances Reid, Ezra Stone (Radio's "Henry Aldrich"), Betty Linn, Jack Collins, John Bailey, Alexander Woolcott (Portraying "Sheridan Whiteside," a character based on himself), Erik Rhodes, Minnie Dupree, Lyle Bettger, Sidney Stone, Clifton Webb, Barry Sullivan, Dale Bugos, Bennett Stephens, George Lessey, Hubert Harper, Mark Hammer, Elizabeth Ashley, June Barrie, Harold Innocent, Peter Postlethwaite, Peggy Mondo, Charles Crowley, Roscoe Lee Browne, Bruce Weitz (Co- star of television's "Hill Street Blues"), Paul Casella, Norman Ferdinand, Virginia Hammond, George Brengel, etc. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein (Uncle of Oscar Hammerstein II) and L. Songs include: ""The Love Nest," "Every Time I Meet a Lady', "That May Have Satisfied Grandma," "When a Woman Exits Laughing," "Mary" (by George M. Mary Goes First : "A New and Original Comedy" by Henry Arthur Jones. Mary Jane's Pa : "A Comedy Drama" by Edith Ellis Barker. Produced by the Theatre Guild at various theatres (1933 - 54) starring Helen Hayes, Philip Merivale, Helen Menken (Wife of Humphrey Bogart), Cecil Holm, Moroni Olsen, Leona Powers, George Coulouris, Anthony Kemble-Cooper, Ernest Lawford, Percy Waram, Philip Foster, Ian Keith, Pauline Frederick, Stanley Ridges, Kent Smith, Edith Meiser, Max Latham, Anthony Zappa, etc. The 1954 revival was produced by Richard Aldrich and directed by John Stix. on film), Peter Weil, Eva Le Gallienne, Signe Hasso, Staats Cotsworth, Patrick Waddington, Sydney Walker, Adelaide Ristori, Kate Clifton, Claire Scott, Nelson George, S. Coburn, Gwen Watford, Leonard Rossiter (Star of "The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin" on BBC television), Norman Tyrrell, Faye Emerson (Wife of Elliott Roosevelt, the son of FDR. Produced by Arnold Mittelman at the Coconut Grove Playhouse (Miami, FL - 1989) starring Peter Anthony, Jr., Ray Frewen, K. Lupp, Seth Swoboda, Tony Lillo, Ronald Keaton, etc. Matchmaker, The : "Comedy" by Thornton Wilder ("Hello, Dolly" is the musical version of this play). Matinee Hero, The : "An Original Play" by Leo Ditrichstein and A. Produced by Elliot Martin at the Shubert Theatre (New Haven - 1965) starring Van Johnson, J. Cannon, Marian Winters, Richard Mulligan, Paul Sorvino, Rick Lenz, etc. Produced by Erni Brown at the East End Theatre (NYC - c.

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